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I am passionate about adventure, nutrition and fitness. I want to inspire and encourage people to think big and take control of their health.

Do You Need Money & Loads Of Time For Challenges and Adventures?

Do You Need Money & Loads Of Time For Challenges and Adventures?

In short no! Absolutely not. Some creative thinking and a positive attitude and you can do some of the most amazing and awe inspiring things without any money and in your spare time. It all comes down to a goal, commitment and prioritisation. You may even save money!

This year I decided I wanted to commit to a challenge that motivated me daily, cost nothing and would potentially inspire others to join in or do their own daily challenge with the result of building towards or maintaining overall health.

My challenge: 10 kilometers a day, every day, for the whole of 2017.

It is now the 1st January 2018 and I have finally finished my 10km a day challenge. I racked up 7433km which equates to 845 ascents of Everest! Some days I did more, some days I just did the 10 km. I have cycled, ran, swam, rowed, walked and hiked 10 km. I have done it alone, as part of a competition or race, with friends and with my dogs. At times I have really not felt like it, or I have wondered how on earth I would find time in my busy day to fit in 10 km. But, as each day adds up I knew I would be truly gutted if I didn't continue. I could visualise myself with a drink on New Years Eve 2017, toasting the end of a year of 10 kms and and thinking of the adventure and challenge that awaits me in 2018. That is exactly what I did! No new challenges for 2018 just yet, but I know my aim this year is to support others to achieve the unachievable!

It is all about priorities, you make time for the things that are important and if you set a goal, or commit to a challenge or adventure then you will make sure you find the time. No actually, you will make the time! The time to complete the training, practice or do the work needed to be able to toast to your success!

So what are you waiting for? What is your challenge this year? Month? Week?


Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Have fun and remember to enjoy the journey!

  1. Use my format and commit to completing something everyday! It could be to walk to work, it could be to hit 10,000 steps on your fitbit or play football in the park with your kids for 20mins each day.
  2. Sign up to one of my monthly challenges and you will get a challenge to try each month direct to your inbox! See the subscription opportunity at the bottom of the page.
  3. Explore your local area! Be a tourist for the day, we rarely see what is on our doorstep!
  4. Go and wild swim! Check out a safe spot and don your swimmers!
  5. Go to the beach, build a sand castle, take the kids crabbing!
  6. Go for a walk or a cycle down a canal or around a lake. Take in the scenery, enjoy the calmness of the water and the feeling of escapism.
  7. Walk a trail, a mountain or to a bothy or remote hut. There are thousands of options all over the globe!
  8. Visit a friend, you know that one you always promised you would but haven't found the time?
  9. Start a challenge with your friends, who can hold a plank for the longest, who can walk the furthest in a week, who can do the best trick shot in basketball?
  10. Sign up to a challenge on an app such as Strava for running or cycling.
  11. Check out for some challenges you could get involved in or start one and invite others to join you!

Let me know what you decide, how it is going and lets share ideas! xx

The Cherry On The Cake!

The Cherry On The Cake!

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Fartlek - A Slice of Swedish Speed Play?