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Magnesium. How Could This Mineral Help You?

Magnesium. How Could This Mineral Help You?

Magnesium is a pretty important little fella! It is a mineral that helps the body out in hundreds of ways from regulating nerve and muscle functions, assisting with energy production, helping with temperature regulation, helping you to detoxify, regulating your blood pressure naturally and helping to form healthy bones and teeth! What a legend! 

You may not be getting enough of this gold star mineral and magnesium deficiency is actually pretty common, there are lots of people who don't realise that they need more of this bad boy mineral in their life! Some of the following symptoms could be a sign that you lack this vital mineral:

  1. Muscle cramps

  2. Migranes

  3. Poor sleep

  4. Fatigue

  5. Poor Memory

  6. Confusion

  7. Anxiety

  8. High Blood Pressure

  9. Tremours

  10. Dizziness

  11. Type 2 diabetes

  12. Respiratory issues

So apart from some of the symptoms above, how else would you know if you were magnesium deficient?

Well, some telltale signs are to look at your diet and any history with medication. If you do not consume vegetables regularly (everyday and most probably with every meal), if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol or if you have a diet in high refined sugar then you may need more magnesium. If you have taken medication such as antibiotics or used other prescription drugs for an extended time then this may have had an effect on your magnesium levels.

So, what can we do about it? The good thing is, this bad boy mineral can be found in foods that can be easily added to your diet! Leafy green vegetables are always a winner and these guys really should be a staple of your diet. Spinach has particularly good magnesium levels as well as pumpkin seeds, almonds, avocados, bananas, black beans, salmon, coriander, cashew nuts, goats cheese and dark chocolate!

There are so many ways to increase magnesium in your diet, even dark chocolate! Bonus!

There are so many ways to increase magnesium in your diet, even dark chocolate! Bonus!

If you find out you have very low levels of magnesium then since it is responsible for more than 300 biochemical functions in our body we need to ensure we get enough of this valuable little fella and magnesium supplementation may be the way to go.

Magnesium supplements can help to improve your levels more quickly, but the diet changes would only be advantageous so it is always good to look at your diet first and not just go for the supplements. If you are going to take a magnesium supplement then I would advise you to research it properly but it is recommended by many health practitioners that you take a magnesium chelate or magnesium citrate over a magnesium oxide supplement which is not very well absorbed by the body.

In addition to a magnesium tablet you can get magnesium oil, I have used this especially when I am training hard and when I have been very magnesium deficient. You apply it to the skin and it is absorbed faster and increases the levels of this bad boy mineral naturally! 

So, lets go and grab a plate of spinach with avocado, bananas, black beans, coriander and salmon with some dark chocolate on the side and a bit of goats cheese for good measure and get those magnesium levels topped up!

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