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23 Days Of The Elimination Diet - The First Phase Completed!

23 Days Of The Elimination Diet - The First Phase Completed!

The first phase is over!! 23 days of Elimination. If you are only just catching up with me on this and you are wondering why I decided to do the Elimination diet, or why I did the first phase for 23 days, check out my initial blog. I also did a couple of update blogs on day 10 and day 17

So today is day 23, tomorrow the reintroduction phase begins! I am excited but also pretty nervous to see how my body reacts. At the moment I feel super awesome, energised with absolutely no dips in energy throughout the day, feeling strong and recovered after I believe I may have over trained last year. I don’t have any digestive issues and I am enjoying the food and new recipes I have been creating. Making nutrition a priority alongside my training and sleep has helped me unbelievably! I feel like I could take on the world. Nothing is phasing me!

Turmeric Tea has been a staple!

Turmeric Tea has been a staple!

After a lot of research on the best way to reintroduce food groups, I have created a timetable below which is specific to me and allows me to reintroduce the foods in the order to support my suspicions over any intolerance I may suspect I have. This will be flexible dependant on the way my body reacts to each food group, for example if my body has no reaction I will keep the food group in my diet and continue with the timetable below, however if my body reacts negatively, I will take that food group back out of my diet and I will need to wait for 2 weeks for my immune system to calm down before I continue to reintroduce the other food groups. 

When reintroducing the food, I should only eat a small amount of that food but eat it over 2 days. Allowing 3 days to notice if the food has any negative effects. If no effects are recorded, I can continue to the introduction of the next food group.

Timetable for reintroduction phase:

This timetable has been designed with the food groups that I believe will not cause any intollerances first and the food groups I have concerns over last (gluten & dairy).

Day 1-3 - Nightshade Vegetables

Day 4-6 - Legumes

Day 7-9 - Corn

Day 10-12 -Eggs

Day 13-15 - Citrus Fruits

Day 16-18 - Peanuts

Day 19-21 - Shell Fish

Day 22-24 - Soy

Day 25-27 - Gluten

Day 26-28 - Dairy

Day 29-31 - Caffeine (reintroduction at the end as my aim is to keep my caffeine intake low in future)

Day 32-34 - Alcohol (reintroduction at the end as my aim is to keep my alcohol intake low in future)

Day 35-37 - Processed Food & Refined Sugar (last as I do not plan to reintroduce these, but  aim to avoid them in my diet all together!)

I will keep you posted with how the reintroduction phase goes, this is a super important part of the whole diet. It needs to be done properly and recorded so you can ensure you find the right food groups for you. If a food group is not right and doesn’t work with you right now, it is important to note that this may not always be the case. You may need to give your body 1-2 years away from this food before you reintroduce it again in order to allow it to repair and reset.

If you are an athlete or you aspire to be one, maybe you just train super hard and want to see results, or you have a big challenge ahead - the Elimination diet could be an awesome diagnostic tool, helping you to find the fuel your body perfoms best on, the fuel that helps you to recover and the fuel that allows your body to repair after a training session so you can be the best you can be!

Hit me up if you want more informagion or fancy giving the Elimination diet a go!


Elimination Diet - The Reintroduction Update

Elimination Diet - The Reintroduction Update

Day 17 Of The Elimination Diet

Day 17 Of The Elimination Diet