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Muscle Versus Strength

Muscle Versus Strength

Have you ever considered whether you are aiming to build muscle or strength? What is your training goal?

Do you just want to look good? To build muscle and look ripped? Or do you want to master pull ups, complete your first push up or handstand push up? Training for appearance and training for function are two completely different things, you need to decide and focus on the outcome you desire.

If you want to do your first pull up or push up you need to be strong, strong enough to move your bodyweight. Whilst bigger muscles help to produce more force, strength to weight ratio is also a consideration. The heavier you are the more challenging a pull up will be. Instead, try changing your mindset from aesthetics to functional strength. The strength you need to complete a pull up, a muscle up or a push up. Then a by product of your training will be the body you desire as you will get stronger and leaner by following a well structured training and nutrition plan to achieve your goal.

Shift your focus away from the gym bunny lifting dumbbells infront of a mirror in a vest that’s so small it’s not worth wearing! Instead, focus on a strength goal and working to achieve it by enjoying the process to get there. Following a plan that will provide you with a sense of achievement and happiness, especially when you achieve that first pull up or push up!

Training is much like running a business, you need a plan and a strategy to make it work, otherwise you will go bust! You can’t just complete random sessions and expect a result, focus on your goal, plan the process and stick to it. That way you can achieve your strength ambitions and get the body in the process!

Go get it!

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