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Doug Is Smashing Up The Trails!

Doug Is Smashing Up The Trails!

Having come back to mountain biking, after 10 years of not turning a pedal, riding a modern bike on challenging terrain at a respectable pace was always going to be tough. 

I’m 37 and many would say I’ve had a tough paper round! I am 7-10kg heavier than my ideal fighting weight, I have strong arms and legs, good all round health but my core strength and flexibility is poor, particularly hamstrings and shoulders. I also have a lot to learn about modern bikes and technique. 


When the 2017 Scottish Enduro Series came to my local hills, I thought that might be a good opportunity to see where my riding stacked up. Unsurprisingly I was low in the field but this was mostly due to mechanical issues. Otherwise I felt I could hold my own at about 2/3rds down a strong masters category. However, it was great fun! So my 2018 goal is to achieve mid pack and above results in the Masters category, which is no mean feat given the quality of the masters category riders in Scotland these days.

Fay Jordan has taken my approach to riding to a much higher level. By applying her Enduro/downhill training plan I have a stronger riding position, greater power through the pedals and far more confidence. I’ve never completed a physical training plan before and this review is written only three weeks in!! I have been able to complete the sessions around a demanding full time job too, which is a significant prerequisite. 



Secondly, Fay was able to look at my bike skills and bike set up, as well as talk me through how to approach the trail as to not waste energy. So I’m a smoother, stronger rider already. Looking forward through the programme it clearly increases in intensity, but it’s not daunting, meaning it’s achievable! This is not a generic fitness plan. It’s targeted and really well thought out, including plenty of time for fun on the bike! This is the answer for any trail, Enduro, freeride, downhill rider looking to make gains. I can’t wait to test myself in the 2018 race season as a stronger, more confident rider. 

Thanks Fay! 

F-Riders Are Preparing For The 2018 Season!

F-Riders Are Preparing For The 2018 Season!