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Martin Completes The 105 Mile Coast To Coast!

Martin Completes The 105 Mile Coast To Coast!

At the beginning of 2018 I needed a new challenge. One that would make a personal difference to me and my family.  What else but the 105 mile Coast to Coast in September 2018!


We had great weather on the first day.... cold and wet on the second. A great mental and physical challenge.

I’m 51 years old and it was my first ultra marathon type event. I may have even been one of the oldest competitors!

Not too long ago, I was chained to a desk acruing  a sore back, tendinitis in both elbows, painful knees, excruciating plantar faciatis, extra weight.... you name it, I had it.  It was seriously doing my head in. Just ask my wife!

Having come from a life of doing sports to the extreme it was a sad state of affairs.

Best thing was leaving my job on retirement.

I finished on a high but for a few of the latter years I was a bit of a square peg in a round hole. Job was ok, but not one I would have chosen. It was all adding to my state of mind.

Gradually getting active again and losing some weight was great.

Sometimes you can’t do these things on your own so I enlisted the help of Fay at Trail Tribe.

Let’s get this bit straight. Fay isn’t the “smiling assassin” of fitness instructors. She is the most positive and encouraging trainer I’ve met. I have bottled some of her enthusiasm for use later!

I attended as many of Fays Tuesday night Trail Tribe training nights as possible where she ran me ragged round Scolty hill with a “few” brilliant circuit type exercises thrown in.

She also spent time writing me up a training regime designed for the event I was to undertake. This was great! It provided me with great structure and discipline.  It certainly paid off and I became much fitter and 1.5 stone lighter! Result!

I’ve now completed an extreme event in 14.5 hours, well chuffed with that and now have none of the ailments whatsoever, described above.

Im not the finished article yet but still 18 yrs old in my head and I will be back being run ragged around Scolty hill again soon.

Keep active folks! It not easy but you will be better for it and Fay can help..... and all with enthusiasm and a lot of smiling and laughing!

Jen Is Back On The Bike!

Jen Is Back On The Bike!

Lucy Put The Training In & Smashed Her First 10K!

Lucy Put The Training In & Smashed Her First 10K!