Online Group Personal Training

Online Group Personal Training



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Have you got a goal to hit or a New Years Resolution and you are not quite sure how to achieve it? Personal Trainers can be expensive and charge by the hour, but with online personal training you will ensure you have an expert at your finger tips to support you to achieve your goal.

For only £50 a month instead of £50 an hour for a session with a Personal Trainer, I will help and support you. Whether your aim is to lose weight, get fit and strong or complete a race or event, I will work closely with you over three months to support and educate you on the best exercises, nutrition and fitness protocols in order to help you to smash your goals!

What is involved?

You pay one fee for three months support which consists of the following:

  • Initial consultation (via skype or phone if you reside in the UK).
  • Tailored fitness programming and nutrition advice sent to the group each week, with individual variance based on goals and personal circumstances. Each plan is sustainable and designed to fit into your busy life.
  • Facebook accountability and check in group with daily updates and advice as well as support from others on the programme. You become part of a community, you don't have to go it alone!
  • Daily support, question and answer sessions and contactable expertise to help you gain the most from your programme.
  • 4 week reviews and measurable improvements.
  • Education to support you to succeed and learn so you understand why you are doing what you do and you can make changes which will last for the future!

What are you waiting for? Secure your place and let me help you to achieve the unachievable. No goal or challenge is too big, together we can do this!

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