Mountain Bike Training Plan (Phase 2)

Mountain Bike Training Plan (Phase 2)


So you have finished Phase 1 and smashed your first 14 weeks! You are feeling stronger, shredding the trails faster than ever and you don’t want to stop!

Step up to Phase 2, continue to build that power you need over the next 12 weeks. During the second phase we add some additional core and balance sessions into your training plan to develop a stable trunk - the centre of a strong rider!

We work on explosive strength and include bodyweight training so you can still complete sessions even when you cannot get to the gym!

This programme is based on my experience as a personal trainer, my time training in the RAF and as a competitor racing the Enduro World Series. I understand through personal experience what it takes to push your body to the limit on tough tracks and how important it is to prepare yourself and support your body to finish feeling strong and in control.

It is tried and tested with awesome results, check out the reviews.

I look forward to seeing your progress and watching those times drop on the trails as you finish strong and powerful when everybody else is cruising to the end!

Purchase this plan and you will receive a link so you can download the plan and get started straight away!

If you have a more specific goal in mind, then contact me and we can have a chat to see how I can help you with a tailored plan option.

All the best and see you on the trails!

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