12 Week Nutrition Plan

12 Week Nutrition Plan


Do you want some support with nutrition, maybe you need help preparing for an event? You want to lose weight or you just want to learn more so you can support your training?

This is a 12 week nutrition plan which provides key guidelines and an overview which will help you make some changes to your current habits. It includes a 12 week step by step guide, with a suggested meal plan and includes recipes to help you achieve your goals. It is not a restrictive diet, rather a support guide which allows you to learn and integrate suggestions into your lifestyle, enabling you continue to make the right choices, rather than dropping weight and then regaining more once you revert back to your 'old ways'.

You will receive a short questionnaire to complete and return when you purchase this guide. This will help me to provide you with an introductory page which includes personalised suggestions to help make the guide work for you!

If you wish to gain more tailored advice and nutritional programming then please check out the personal training section of my website or contact me at fay@fayjordan.com and I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals.

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