Snowboard Training Plan

Snowboard Training Plan


If you are like me and love to snowboard then there is nothing better than the feeling of boarding in fresh powder, literally gliding over the surface like you are floating! Unless you live in the mountains or work a season, we only have small windows of opportunity to get out on our boards and hit the slopes. Why not put the effort in during the weeks leading up to your time on the board and get fitter and stronger than before to shred from the first to the last lift!

Maybe you have some backcountry boarding planned or you want to race! I would love to help you meet your goals and smash them with this 12 week training plan! 

Once you click - let’s do this - and check out, you will receive a link to the plan so you can get started straight away! Take the time to condition your body so when you hit that powder you feel like Shaun White!

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